System Description And Justification Of A Custom Built Home Pc

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System Description and Justification Our customer has requested a custom built home PC to replace an older, outdated system. The customer has identified specific requirements that the PC must meet. These requirements are listed in Table 1. Component selection to meet the requirements listed in Table 1 is detailed below. All components are new, not refurbished. The individual components with price breakout are listed in Table 2. Diagram 1 is a graphical representation of the system motherboard connections. Diagram 2 is a graphical representation of the motherboard’s Input / Output (I/O) connections. Diagram 3 is a graphical representation of the power supply connections. Diagram 4 is a graphical representation of the system case …show more content…

Avoid small form factor PC cases. HTPC and Mini-Tower cases are the smallest available, starting at approximately 11 inches in height, and most susceptible to damage. Super Tower cases are very large at two feet or taller. They are also the most expensive option, costing $200.00 and up. Full Towers are 20 inches or taller. However, the least expensive Full Tower is still four times as expensive as the starting Mid Towers. Mid Towers are 16 inches or taller in height, and are the best value for a custom-built system. The case needed to be compatible with a full-size ATX motherboard, since ATX had the widest compatibility with the different components that were going to be required for this build. The case also had to have two (2) external USB 2.0 ports, a minimum of; one (1) external 5.25” drive bay to install an optical drive, one (1) external 3.5” drive bay to install an internal card reader, and three (3) internal hard disk drive bays. The Gigabyte GZ-ZA2 Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case was one of the most cost effective choices that met or exceeded all of the requirements. Item 2. Minimize the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. According to Cornell University, there is not definitive proof that ergonomic devices actually provide a health benefit or prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Hedge, 2015). User education and proper positioning will provide for the best ergonomic arrangement of the user’s computer workstation and mouse (Hedge, 2011).

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