System Of Checks And Balances

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When drafting the Constitution of the United States the founding fathers took great precautions in ensuring that no one branch of government became too powerful. By dividing the power of each branch the fathers hoped to ensure that the United States would not become subject to abuse by one branch that could ultimately lead to an authoritarian regime. In order to do this, the drafters of the Constitution implemented a system of checks and balances in nearly all aspects of the new republic's government. One of these checks and balances was the distribution of foreign policy power between Congress and the President. This balance of power would be an important deterrent to one branch of the government abusing its power which could result in …show more content…

In order to understand the powers of Congress, one first must look at Article I of the Constitution that enumerates several of Congress’s foreign affairs powers. This includes the many different powers like the ability to regulate commerce with foreign nations, declare war with foreign nations, raise money for and support the many branches of the military like the army navy and airforce as well as maintaining these military organizations. The Constitution also allows for Congress to check two of the President’s foreign affairs powers, make treaties and appointing diplomats. The act of both making treaties and appointing diplomats are however dependent on Senate approval. Congress’s general powers also allow the collection of taxes to draw money from the Treasury, and to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper that allow the legislative branch to control many foreign policy decisions. For example, the last session of Congress during the Obama administration was able to pass a variety of laws that affect America's foreign policy that ranged from electronic surveillance to North Korean sanctions, to border security to wildlife trafficking. Congress can likewise assume an oversight position on foreign policy issues that enables them increase their power. The yearly appointments process enables Congressional Committees to survey, in detail,

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