Systems, Society and Sustainability Essay

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CIVIL, ENVIRONMENTAL AND GEOMATIC ENGINEERING Systems, Society and Sustainability The global challenge of sustainable development requires solutions and mindsets that bridge traditional divisions between nature and culture, and the technical and social sciences. Sustainable development requires that engineers and other professionals are able to include social and ecological considerations alongside technical and economic requirements in managing projects and infrastructure. This course outlines the challenges of sustainability, introduces some theories which can help think through these challenges more clearly, and applies them to the case of urban water systems. 1. Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course you should be…show more content…
445-463. 27 Nov and 4 Dec Engineering sustainable societies for Mitchell C. A., Carew A. and Clift R. (2004) The Role of the Professional Engineer and Scientist in Sustainable Development, Chapter 2 in Azapagic A., Perdan S. and Clift R. (eds) Sustainable Development in Practice Chichester, John Wiley and Sons, pp. 29-56. Bauer, J. M. and Herder, P. M. (2009) Designing socio-technical systems, in Meijers A. (ed) Handbook of the Philosophy of Science. Volume 9: Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences Burlington MA, North Holland, pp. 601-630. 11 Dec Cities, sustainability Bai X. and Imura H. (2001) Towards sustainable and water urban water resource management: a case study in Tianjin, China Sustainable Development 9 pp. 24-35. Speers, A. (2007) Water and cities – overcoming inertia and achieving a sustainable future, Chapter 3 in Novotny, V. And Brown, P. R. Cities of the Future London, IWA Publishing, pp. 18-32. CIVLG018/M011: Systems, Society and Sustainability 3 4. Assessment Task Critical Review Attendance and participation at seminars Essay Assessment Due Value 30% 29 October 10% 60% 14 December All coursework should be submitted in hard copy to the assignment box near the Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering main office, and an electronic copy must be submitted through turnitin on the module moodle site. Critical Review Write a 1000 word paper reviewing one of the
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