T-Cell Fights Of Bacteria And The Immune System

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A T-Cell fights of bacteria in the immune system to help the human run right. On the inside if the T-Cell they don’t have anything out of the normal. And T-Cell is short for T lymphocyte cell. But the problem they can be good or bad for you they can make you sick too. But if they don’t fight of the bacteria them your cells will be in danger.
The structure on the inside of the T-Cell is like a regular cell structure. It has a nucleus, Golgi body, Mitochondria, Cell membrane, Vacuole, Lysosome, E.R., Ribosomes and Cytoplasm. It is like a rankled up piece of paper on the outside and on the inside it is like a cell we have been looking at in our books. It functions to body in the immune system. When it detects bad cells in the immune system thin it attacks it. A t-cell is produced by the thousand in the bone marrow. T-Cells Also circulate the blood. …show more content…

“T-Cells are a component of the immune system, which functions to protect the body from compounds and organism that are perceived as being foreign” (The Gale Encyclopedia of Science 1). They also work to gather to get to fight of anything that can mess up the immune system. Bacteria highjacks a cell and makes more copies of its self. So the T-Cell has to stop it from making you sick. “There are millions of T-Cells in the body” (World of Microbiology and Immunology 1). This happens all the time because there are millions of T-Cells circulating. They can remember the bad bacteria so it could not attack the T-Cell. But sometimes the T-Cell masses up and attacks you good bacteria that helps you. T-Cells are in the category of blood cells and also part of the

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