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In Tableau, there is a linear model feature. In this model, there is a formula y = mx + b. This formula is called Slope-Intercept, which is the equation of a straight line. In the form y = mx + b where m is the slope of the line and b is its y-intercept. Throughout high school we learned how to calculate the slope.
However, in the Tableau model it is not exactly clear where the slope is, and because of this many people get confused.
Most of us were first introduced to this formula in Middle School and throughout our High School years.
We learned how to calculate these slopes, and used this formula for all kinds of mathematical problems.
In Tableau, one of the reasons a lot of us get confused is because say we are trying to calculate the sum
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In Tableau the formula that is given might be (Week of Ordered Date + Intercept).
From looking at this formula it leads me to believe to calculate y = (x + b), and not y = (mx + b). However, what Tableau doesn’t mention is that there is another table with a column called Coefficients, and as you look closely it has the slope as a coefficient for the “Week of Ordered Date”. However, Tableau dosen’t mention anything about a coefficient. It is assumed you know how to use the Value as a slope.
In Conclusion, with a little practice, you can understand and use the Tableau trend models. It would also help if Tableau were to revisit how they describe the trend models to make it easier for their users to understand their data. Additionally, Tableau needs to give us the option of directly posting the trend line equations on the charts, as well as summary statistics such as r-squared on the
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