Tactics to Spotting a Liar

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Knowing when to identify when a person is being deceiving or lying to another person is an advantage when living in the world today. Within this paper there will be tactics to spotting certain lies, whether it is through verbally or nonverbally instances. This will be useful if one was hiring a new employee, speaking to their child about problems, confronting their girlfriend or boyfriend about affairs that might be happening, or maybe even dating a new person, having the ability to tell if there is a lie could have life altering consequences. One would also get the policing aspect on how they conduct police interviews and interrogations. Later, I will be discussing the insight of liar and what they are thinking. If one wants to beat the liar, they have to understand why and how the liar is doing their deceitful ways. It would also be to the advantage of the victim of a deceiver to know how liar is deceiving people in human affairs, this will also be covered. The topic will be brought up if “lying” should be considered a criminal offense in certain situations and how to go about that. Sometimes lying can also come from a positive side; the question arises if it is even moral or ethically right to deceive another not only for your own advantage, but maybe for another. A common criminal act that is involved with lying and deceit is crime fraud, it will be discussed how they are linked. Police are not the only profession that needs to determine if people are lying, I will be

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