Taft ( Taranaki Arts Festival Trust ) Essay

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PART B: a) Who are the key groups of people involved in the planning of the WOMAD Taranaki event and what are their roles? TAFT (Taranaki Arts Festival Trust) is the main group involved in the planning and decision making of WOMAD. They’re a charitable trust that was set up in 1991 to promote arts such as WOMAD in Taranaki. They contract specialist organisations to review WOMAD and give advice on how they could improve the event. Although TAFT is a very small organisation compared to companies that organise WOMAD overseas, this just shows that it is very successful in planning and operating WOMAD in Taranaki. The TAFT team is made up of four different roles. The Chief Executives Team is responsible of the business manager, site operations manager, artistic director, community programmes co-ordinator, marketing manager, technical and site manager, global village manager, WOMAD store manager, and campsite manager. The Chief Executives team is supported by the Administration staff, ticketing staff, kidzone manager, artist liason manager, designer and the publicists. The Site and Technical Director is responsible of the head of sound, technical administrator, head of lighting, site manager, stage managers, and head of security. The Site Operations Manager is responsible of the managing the site, health and safety manager, site security-staff and police, information centre, front of house ticketing, first aid-St Johns, radio communications and Zero Waste. The Site Operations

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