Take Up The Cross Essay

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Avery had once thought that taking up the cross was a vehicle that religious fanatics drove to church. But now that she had a synergistic blending of the meanings of symbols and the flow of life, she found herself with a hint of enlightenment. Once she understood that the cross is a simple symbol that represents the way, she finally had a glimpse of this light. Her evolution so far had been painful and rushed, only thirty years, and now she was back where she had started, a childlike place of love and forgiveness. She realized that the tiny seed she had always been would continue to thrive through trials and flourish eternally as the love of the universe. She was sure that she would forget her part again and again, but occasionally …show more content…
In her adolescence she called up ghosts of dead musicians to visit the bedrooms of her friends and leave behind token gifts for the young fans. More than half the time, Avery didn’t know if the stories were really happening or if she was making them up. And she was adept at adding proof with props like the silver bracelet her friend found under her bed.
The one and only Jim Morrison left behind a beautiful silver and turquoise bracelet for one such friend who had a spiritual evolution when she found it under her bed. This friend of Avery’s, a teenaged girl in great want of approval, gained love and approval from a dead rock icon. This girl’s life went from bad to worse. So many girls think of only the love of men; that familiar once upon a time story of a princess deserving true love. Many girls forget themselves and lose their way to God. And then way too late in life they find out that they have taken their beauty for granted and become despairing victims of themselves seeking approval from one man to man. The search for love and approval from lost souls is the unraveling of dreams.
What Avery hadn’t realized as she spent her power in schemes of disillusionment was that while she thought she might be giving others some form of fulfillment and pleasure, she was really drifting in her lack of direction. She had no defined purpose and so much to learn.
The tales always took on a life of their own,
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