Taking Situational Awareness For A New Level

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WindyGrid : Taking situational awareness to a new level
Windygrid uses sophisticated predictive models to identify highly risk prone areas and help the city government to proactively resolve them. With the help of WindyGrid the city officials have been able to address a variety of issues such as :
1. Preventative Rodent Baiting- The Chicago’s Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) in partnership with Event and Pattern Detection Laboratory (EPD Lab) at Carnegie Mellon University developed a forecasting model enabling the city officials to combat rodents outbreak in Chicago. This was achieved by analyzing the 31 key call types out of the 600 different types of call processed by the 311 call centers. The investigation not just predicted the rodent activity spikes 7 days in advance but also highlighted some of the key factors that resulted in the increase in the number of rats in certain areas such as broken water main etc. This information helped the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) to implement new processes which reduced management workload by 20 percent. The predictive strategies used have not just prevented rodent outbreaks but also identified rat infestations that would otherwise would not have been possible.
2. Citing dirty restaurants- Data scientists from AllState Insurance contributed to this pilot project that involved the use of data gathered from the city’s WindyGrid system.The team launched an analytical model that forecasts critical violations
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