Taking a Look at Adolf Hitler

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CAFS: ASSESSMENT TASK 2: Individuals and group Data Presentation 1. • Identify the individual: Adolf Hitler • Outline who Hitler is: Adolf Hitler was an Austrian, German politician and the leader of the Nazi party. Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany from 1933 until his suicide in 1945. Hitler was responsible for involving Germany in World War II and for killing an estimation of more than 11 million people (mostly of Jewish background) during the Holocaust. • How Hitler became leader: The German President, Hindenburg, did not want to appoint Hitler as Chancellor of Germany and quickly appointed Von Papen in the position. However the Nazi members were not ready to co-operate and questioned whether Von Papen was stable enough to govern effectively. By 1933 Hindenburg was forced to surrender. No-one he had appointed could govern effectively and Germany was on the point of civil war because the country was all in favour of supporting Hitler for Chancellor. Hindenburg had no other option but to appoint Hitler the role of chancellor on 30th January 1933. Little did he know that Hitler would spark a war and risk all of Germany? • What was Hitler’s leadership role: Hitler’s leadership role was chancellor of Germany. He led the German soldiers into WW2 and started the involvement of Germany in WW2. 2. • Hitler’s Leadership style: Some saw Hitler as a stubborn and disciplined leader while others thought he was just a young amateur. His leadership style was definitely an

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