Taking a Look at Availability Management

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Table of Contents
Introduction 1
What is Availability Management? 1
What does it consist of? 2
How does Availability management Work? 2
What is the IoE? 2
Issues Surrounding IoE 3
Advantages of IoE 3
Disadvantages of IoE 3
Linking IoE to Availability management 3
Impact of IoE on Availability Management 3
Positive Impact 3
Negative Impact 4
Conclusion 4
References 4
Bibliography 4


In this research assignment I will be discussing the impact of Internet of everything on availability management. I will begin by discussing availability management about what it is and how it works and then I will go into discussing the IoE by giving a brief explanation about what it is and what it can do etc. only then will I go on to discuss the impact of IoE on availability management. This assignment to the best of my ability is that of my own with help of certain resources, so enjoy the read and hopefully you will have learnt something new at the end of the assignment.

What is Availability Management?
Well availability management is one of the IT service management (ITSM) component particularly in the ITIL service delivery area. In more detail availability management is responsible for making sure that the application systems are up and ‘available’ for use according to the agreement of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

What does it consist of?
Availability Management consists of certain activities and these activities include:

Determining the business’s real

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