Taking a Look at Cervical Spondylodiscitis

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Cervical spondylodiscitis is a rare and serious illness that can arise from various causes, such as pyogenic infections, iatrogenic infections and complications after swallowing foreign bodies. No cases of cervical spondylodiscitis caused by a penetrating neck injury have been published in the literature.
It is difficult to treat patients with penetrating neck injuries (induced by stab wound, gunshot wound or by accidents) in the emergency department. Diagnostic and treatment options depend on the cardiopulmonary condition of the patient.
In a patient who presents unstable hemodynamic conditions, prompt surgical neck exploration is necessary. The optimal surgical approach depends on the anatomical zone of the injury. Most injuries can be reached through an anterior sternocleidomastoid incision. Sometimes, a median sternotomy, supraclavicular incision, transverse cervical collar incision or manipulations of the mandible are necessary to reach the origin of the vessel injury (11).
For patients in stable condition with a suspected vessel injury, computed tomographic angiography (CTA) is recommended to detect the direct and indirect signs of vessel injury. A CT-scan could decrease the likelihood of a negative neck exploration (13, 14). Nevertheless, Gonzalez et al showed in a prospective study that not all vessel injuries and esophageal injuries due to penetrating zone II injuries could be detected using a dynamic CT-scan or esophagography (15).
In the present case,

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