Taking a Look at Chinese Culture

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Those traditions have passed on to my family and society. According to Jandt (2003), Confucian philosophy, which believes in harmony in society through respect to age and social hierarchy, affects Chinese strongly. Confucianism has various effects on Chinese communication. As a Chinese, we value ‘Filial Piety’ and belong to collectivism. I may not say what I really want to mean when I think it would hurt others. Foreigners such as Americans may feel surprised that HongKongers pay attention to family so much. If Americans are asked to take a ‘gap-year’ in which be travelling around and their parents disagree, most of them won’t cancel the trip. For me, I would give up the trip honestly and this may be a main difference between our values towards family. I like the culture I grew up in and the tradition my family has. Respecting elders is what should be appreciated. I would like my generation to keep the culture too; however, we can learn the advantages of other cultures. Individualism allows us to fulfill obligations to self and to be independent. HongKongers can take balance between two cultures and get improvement for our own.

Chinese is in high context culture and foreigners usually feel confused when I communicate with them. In communication of Chinese, many things are left unsaid. We let the culture explain so that few words can communicate a complex message. Although it is effective to in-group, there are difficulties in the communication with foreigners. During the

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