Taking a Look at Christianity

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The earliest précising definition of Religion can be credited to Edward Lord Herbert of Cher bury. Herbert (1988) argued that all religions are true at some level. To prove this he maintained that all religions could be boiled down to five characteristics (1) The belief that there is extreme power or deity external to this world (2) This power is to be worshipped (3) that worship consists in piety and holiness (4) that sin can be forgiven (5) that there are rewards and punishments after this earthly life. But by far the most authentic definition of Religion is constituted by the anthropologist E.B Tylor. According to Tylor, religion is a “Faith in Mystical Beings” . Tylor suggests that belief in spiritual beings was not only a marker in religious systems but it was this belief from which all the other simple entities such as myth, doctrine, ritual and ethics evolved. The focus of this study was on the religion of Christianity. Christianity is a religion which converted out of Judaism in the first century C.E . It is established on the life, teachings, death and re-birth of Jesus Christ, and the individuals who believe in him are called "Christians." Christianity has numerous sects and beliefs with varieties in practices. Until the late 20th century, most followers of Christianity were in the West, however it has spread to each landmass and is currently the biggest religion on the planet. Conventional Christian beliefs include the faith in God, who is
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