Taking a Look at Creativity

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Creativity is the ability to produce work which is both original and unexpected design .Creativity is a wide scope which is important at both individual and societal level for a wide range of task domain at an individual level of creativity which is relevant to our idea. When you are solving your problem on particular job in your daily life activities, with your creativity idea can lead you to new finding movement to innovate the job you want to create. One of the most important aspects of creativity is the economic aspect of it, create lot of job opportunity and produce lot of products and service for individual an the government

My personality with this module creativity and innovative, has saw me lot of interest and creativity idea, since I star attending this module. At the moment I consider myself with the little idea i have in creativity as intelligence, awareness, fluency, flexibility and I can discuss few controversial issue regarding the idea I have in the module which saw to me that I am self-confidence to myself with my creativity to be creativity is no difficult you have to think very well by using your intelligence how can I creativity something to be able to have something out of it has my future benefit which is hard nowadays within we the young people, We have the intelligence but to think and do it become problem, but when I start attending this module I have seen myself someone creativity.
Another way I like creativity it has put lot of awareness into me

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