How Creativity Can Be Developed

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Being one of the key words for successful, “creativity” becomes increasingly vital in different industries to keep competitive within the region or over the world. As the Crafts Council of England stated, "There are few areas of life where the nation 's priorities for education, health, employment and industry are not dependent on the development and application of creative practical skills." (quoted in Joubert & Green, 1999). In order to be more competitive in the future cultural and economic field, UK government believe that “creativity can be developed” (ibid.) through creative education, which could help to inspire young people’s imagination, innovation, and interaction. However, creativity can be understood and carried out in diverse ways if the cultural and politic background is different (ibid.). Comparing this with the education situation in China, where the creative education has been introduced only in the last decade from the Western countries, the interpretation of creative education in China can be seen under the influence of the traditional Chinese cultural background. By studying in two projects of creative education in UK and China respectively, this essay will critically discuss the difference of creative education under the different cultural background.

Being a capacity of human beings, the definition of “Creativity” varies from diverse regions in western historically. “Getting an idea” was found in the Greek and Judaic traditions; Christian and Muslim…
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