Taking a Look at Gender Bias

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Stereotypes, in my opinion are the lazy mans justification for ignorance and bigotry. I understand that to a certain extent we have stereotypes because they are based in some fashion upon something that is common as well as a true observation, but I do not believe each human being is but a collection of stereotypes. Such as African American and poor, Caucasian and privileged, or Gay and fabulous.

I hate to see enforced stereotypes. Meaning those situations within everyday communication or interaction that forces an individual no matter their gender or gender identification to take part in, pressured into, or ridiculed for not participating in so called “gender norms”.

Gender norms are those socially constructed guidelines which supposedly define a gender or in some cases even someones sexuality. For example, when we are young a social stereotype and gender norm is that little girls think little boys or stinky, smelly, dumb, while little boys talk with undisguised fear of girls having icky girl “cooties”.

Children are not preprogrammed to loath the opposite sex, therefore this reaction to the opposite gender is obviously inflicted upon them by society acceptable stereotypes and gender opposing propaganda. Parents, older siblings or acquaintances, extended family, cartoons, reading material etc is loaded with gender opposing stereotypes and propaganda.

Setting the sexes against each other is a dangerous and ignorant mindset that is imposed upon us from cradle to the

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