Taking a Look at Gender Inequality

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Gender inequality has become one of the oldest issues throughout society. Gender inequality can be described as unequal treatment or specific perceptions based on an individual’s gender. In most cases, it has developed over time with the socially constructed gender roles the society portrays. It was said “Nearly one-third of women said they feel discriminated against or treated unfairly based on their gender at least once a week." Opportunities are wasted if stereotypes and biases evaluate people based on their gender. Both men and women have arguments about this issue, but men are unaware of the treatment that women face in field. Today, people feel that women are becoming ahead in the work field because more women are receiving higher education and studies have shown that women tend to go to school for higher education rather than men which is bringing them many more advantages. Others feel that women are still being held back in their occupations and still face the unfair treatment based on their “roles” in society. Despite that inequality towards women on the workforce was worse before and some laws were changed, unfair treatment towards women is still occurring. Gender inequality can be manifested in different ways such as the hiring process, wage gaps, occupational sex segregation, maternity leave, sexual harassment.
People may have different attitudes about this issue because they may not agree or consider some aspects unfair. Men in this situation do not exactly
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