Taking a Look at Global Warming

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“The Earth has cancer and the cancer is man.” This contentious quote was said by Mihaljo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel, the two authors who wrote the book Mankind at a Turning Point. In this book Mihaljo and Eduard talk about how our actions as mankind are killing, spoiling, and taking for granted the Earth that we are given. Some people think that the heating of Earth is natural and is inevitable no matter what mankind has to do with it. Whether man is affecting the warmth of earth, or if it is just a natural ongoing process is an open-ended and continuous argument. Because of its reoccurring and destructive circumstances the Greenhouse Effect has become a dilemma that is being researched and worked against amongst the world. Global Warming is caused by extreme quantities of greenhouse gases emitted into Earth’s near-surface atmosphere, (Deborah White). Greenhouse gases are produced by both man and occur naturally. These gases consist of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbons. These gases are what cause global warming or the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is produced by volcanic eruptions, natural fires, fossil fuel combustion, deforestation and land use changes (such as converting forests to urban development. Methane is another greenhouse gas which is produced by the decay of organic substances in landfills, wetlands, and rice fields; also enteric fermentation in the digestive tracts of ruminant animals. Nitrous Oxide is produced by the use of

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