Taking a Look at Google

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Executive Summary

Google is a company that has no bounds. To reach our goal of becoming a main competitor in the United States broadband market, we must gain a larger share of the market. Since the initial launch of Google Fiber in Kansas City, our service has expanded, from much demand, into the surrounding communities. It is now time we bring Google Fiber to new communities and expand our territory.

Google Fiber offers broadband speeds that are up to 100 times faster than cable and dsl. Our service is second to none, and will be the key to our future successes. To reach our goal of becoming the premier broadband provider in the United States we will also require interdepartmental teamwork to increase our agility through an ever-changing environment. Each department will have a defined role in helping us reach the goal of Google Fiber.

Department Tasks

Marketing: Research potential new cities to release Google Fiber. Submit reports based on each city’s demographics, to aid in the selection process.

➢ Operations: Based on the information of the candidate cities, select the next three that Google Fiber will penetrate. Once the cities have been chosen begin to assemble a business plan to best fit for each market.

➢ Public Relations: Once the next three cities Google Fiber will target have been selected put out national and local press releases to begin creating buzz about our Fiberhood expanding to new communities.

➢ Human Resource: Outline the
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