Taking a Look at Hydroelectricity

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In 2006, humankind uses one billion barrels of fossil fuels per year and in 2012, it multiplies up to 30 billion barrels per year. Chris Nelder, an energy futurist and analyst, says, “[Soon] You will never see cheap gasoline again. You will probably never see cheap energy again (Nelder).” Indeed, scientists predict that we are extremely close to the peak oil production, a state of extracting the maximum oil each year ("The Peak Oil Theory Explained"). After the occurrence, oil output will drastically deplete while the price increases. Therefore, since energy is essential in life, we are in need of alternative sources. This essay will be explaining the solution, which is hydroelectricity: what it is, how it works and the implications it brings.
Hydro is derived from Greek origins meaning water. In other words, hydroelectricity is a form of energy generated by converting water into electricity. Hydroelectricity is considered a type of renewable energy due to its use of water. There is an unlimited supply of water in the world because of its continued and unending cycle: rain, evaporation and condensation. Ancient Romans were recorded as the first to develop the turbine method, which plays a major role in hydroelectric power plants.
Hydroelectricity’s driving force is gravity since it makes the water run from higher grounds to lower levels ("Hydropower's Unexpected Side Effects"). The falling of water creates the…

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