Taking a Look at Interpersonal Communication

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I do not need to copy many definitions from books, use plagiarism, or check thousands of websites to w honestly write about the concepts taught in this course. Concepts that have modified many of my ways of thinking that were previously erroneous. The contents of this class have helped me learn more about the verbal, and non-verbal communication among different cultures, ethnic groups and societies. We all practice communication some how, but I feel privileged of learning more details about the concepts of interpersonal communications after finishing the course. Each chapter of the book offers a very interesting, and educational instruction about social problems in relation to communication. I enjoyed reading about the roots of the different types of human behaviors. I consider the study of interpersonal communication as a very intellectual discipline that is essential in our daily lives. I each unit, different concepts were described, but the five of them that captured most of my attention are the following: Internal Tensions The book describes internal tensions as “relationship stresses that grow out of people's needs, and people's interactions.”(Wood 332) For me, it was very important to learn about the influence of the internal tensions that affect the health of friendships, psycological health, and physical health. All human beings have experienced internal tensions that somehow affected relationships with other people. In our lives, we have experienced

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