Taking a Look at Mental Disorders

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Mental disorders hold negative assumptions, but yet are the least understood. Society seems to give little attention to the issues that surround someone with a mental disorder, which may be because we don’t understand this population. This article urges that this has become an issue in the society. While we tried to deinstitutionalize those with metal disorders and place them back into society, it appears as if this might have been the proper action. Suggestions like utilizing group homes and funding treatment that cares for their needs would be useful improvements. This article insists that maybe we need to put more of our tax dollars toward creating more beds in the hospitals or group homes, screening for signs of mental disorders, and providing families with services. Houston would have flourished if other living arrangements and therapy options were available at his fingertips. In addition, the article is trying to raise awareness. These kinds of situations can be avoided if proper care and treatment for an individual occurs like we saw with Terri.
Referring to lecture, Schizophrenia interferes with daily functioning like caring for ones self, working, and forming relationships. That person must have two particular symptoms for a month including delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, or disorganized behavior. We see more a variety of symptoms with Houston who withdrew himself from his family and friends, hallucinated, became depressed, had repeated outbursts,

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