Taking a Look at Obesity

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1.0 Introduction Obesity is occurring when heavy accumulation of fat in one’s body and it can increase the risk of infecting heart disease and diabetes. Obesity can be classified into 2 types. Type-1 obesity is caused by practicing an unhealthy lifestyle. It happens to one who does not want to exercise regularly and do not control his eating habits. Whereas, someone suffering from type-2 obesity is probably caused by his inherited genetic from his own family or may be medical conditions. For instance, hormonal imbalance such as hypothyroidism is also one of the causes which lead to obesity. Only about 1% of obese exists in type 2 obesity. The past research had shown that people in nationwide suffering from obesity are increasing year by year. This investigation is conducted to find out the methods to curb obesity from deteriorating the health of these people. 2.0 The recent increase of obesity and why this has happened Between 1980 and 2000, the obesity rate has doubled among adults in the United States (US). About 60 million adults, or 30% of the adult population, are now overweight. Similarly, since 1980, overweight rates have doubled among children and tripled among adolescents. The increasing obesity rate in these years is exposed to the health risks of obesity. The reasons why obesity rate among adults in US is high is because US citizens usually eat larger portion sizes of meals. In addition, based on the researchers, US people have only limited chances for activity

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