Taking a Look at Personality Theories

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This course has taught me a lot about the different personality theories as well as the best known psychology theorists that have developed these theories. Personality consists of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make an individual unique. Numerous theories have been emerged to implicit the different features of personality. The main purpose of some theories is to focus on explaining how personality developed. Our book was divided into different chapters on various theorists and explained the major theories of personality that were proposed by the different psychologists. One of the theories that we learned about was the trait theories. Gordan Allport introduced the trait theory and his theory suggested that individual…show more content…
Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial Development is best-known for describing the impact social experiences has throughout the whole lifespan. And at last, Horney’s theory of Neurotic Needs focused on neurosis and how basic anxiety can be caused by interpersonal relationships. I believe the Psychoanalytic theory was probably the most influential force because it was inspired by Freud and was expanded upon the ideas of Freud. I do agree with the notion that behavior is influenced by childhood experiences. Although I had some idea about the behavioral theory because of the previous psychology courses I have taken in the past. This course and the chapter on behavioral theories went on to explain more about the behavioral theories and focused on the two types of conditionings. The first conditioning is classical conditioning. Classical conditioning is a type of conditioning in which a neutral stimulus is paired with a naturally occurring response. This conditioning was discovered by physiologist Ivan Pavlov. Behaviorism is supported by the notion that learning happens through interactions with the environment. The other type of learning was operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is a method of learning that either occurs through rewards or punishment for behavior. This type of conditioning was coined by Skinner. Skinner believed in the idea that feelings and motivations could not be used to explicate behavior. I believe this theory can be
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