Taking a Look at Reforestation

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Reforestation Introduction Reforestation is a process that works in a cycle. This process can be accomplished naturally or through man made efforts; man made efforts can quicken the pace. Depending on the area, reforestation can have high beneficiaries and strengthen the environment. Some argue that reforestation is essential to environment life, where others state the human efforts, of reforestation, actually cause more problems. What is Reforestation and how it works Reforestation is the building up of forests or woodlands that had once existed, but have been subjected to damage or have even been destroyed. Some forests are able to grow back naturally if there are enough trees nearby that can send their seeds out either by animals or wind. Forested areas that have been severely damaged are very unlikely to grow back naturally and need to be replanted and replenished by human influence. Many conservation groups have joined together in an effort to replant trees ( Even though reforestation can be done by nature over a long period of time, help from humans also can work, or just a combination of both can also accomplish the task. This image demonstrates the cycle of reforestation. Intermediate treatment: the objective of saw timber management is to focus on the trees that have felled and have some potential to be used as timber. These efforts allow fallen trees to be salvaged and the forest is

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