Taking a Look at the American Revolution

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The American Revolution

Dubbed as the first modern revolution, the American Revolution (1775-1781) marked the first time in history when people started to fight for their own independence on the basis of universal principles, including the rule of law, popular sovereignty and constitutional rights. For a long time, the British had left the colony to run itself and given the freedom, the North American settlers turned to unique forms of government to match their developing new identity as Americans. They did this by establishing representative legislatures, observing the set rights and freedoms ad holding democratic meetings, all of which gave the settlers a sense of a new identity. When the British lost in the French and Indian war, they turned their attention to America and placed a huge tax burden and tightening their regulations over the colony. The Americans were not allowed to circulate their local currencies, made to abide by the restrictive shipping policies, forced to house British troops and to pay taxes. This led to developing of an urge to liberate themselves and they could do so by waging a rebellion. This led to the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1775 with the colonists demonstrating and fighting out rightly against the British Crown (Morton, 2003). In the revolution that ensued, the British lost because of several reasons. One of the reasons for the defeat is the French siding with the Americans. They did this by supplying more manpower,

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