Taking a Look at the Russian-Ukraine Conflict

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The conflict stems from the result of the Government’s decision to turn down the European Union proposed “association agreement” in 2013 and instead Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych accepted fifteen billion dollars in aid and other economic benefits from Russian President Vladimir Putin. For years Ukrainians have yearned for economic reform that would seek to open new trade and economic ties with Western European countries. President Yanukovych’s decision to reject the EU’s proposal ignored the feeling of the majority of Ukrainian citizens and further solidified the sentiment that their government was strengthening ties with Russia and not with the west. President Yanukovych actions spawned unrest among the Ukrainian people, forcing them to condemn and denounce their corrupt government and to question their Presidents legitimacy. This pushed an already fractured society into the streets of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine to protest their disapproval. In response President Yanukovych ordered riot police and military personnel to move into cities throughout Ukraine in order to squash any dissent. Clashes between opposition and the government slowly escalated over a two month period, in February the death toll for protesters in the city of Kiev rose into the hundreds. On February 21 members of the opposition overtook the capital and the Presidents Yanukovych residence, forcing him to flee to Russia to avoid charges by the opposition of murdering protesters. Russia
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