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Takis, the perfect amount of spicy, crunchy, and flakiness. According to "Takis/ Detailed Statistics," more than 4,457 people become fans of Takis in one month. One article written by Tracie Lee from said "Holy sweet Jesus, it was everything I wanted out of a snack. It has the strong corn flavor that comes through on Fritos, but it's much more complex and satisfying with the addiction of sour lime and a big kick of spicy chile at the end." The very first time I tried Takis, I fell in love. I immediately wanted to finish the rest of the bag. I then continued to eat a bag every other day even though I knew it wasn't healthy. My friends and i used to argue about which chips were the best, either Hot Cheetos or Takis. Honestly Takis are some of the best chips I have ever had, just the way the chile rubs off as soon as you take a bite out of them or how you can hear the crunch while you chew, or even the knock of lime that appears after the first bite. Takis have almost everything someone could possibly want in a chip. They just have a certain taste and texture that makes …show more content…

Many teachers started to use the Mini Takis instead of candy as rewards when it comes to getting answers correct. One of the main reasons Takis tend to be addicting is because they have sort of a sour taste to them, and somehow eating something sour causes a person to salivate more which also causes them to get hungrier. The Takis owner, Barcel decided to take over "Twinkies" spot in corner stores, and grocery stores after they went bankrupt. Even with the media starting rumors about Takis, saying that they are giving people ulcers, they have been incredibly successful. Takis made it to the US in 2009 by registering in the US trademark system, but that was not the first time they had been eaten. They started selling in Mexico in 2007, two years prior to making it to the

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