Talent Acquisition : It 's Evolving Pattern

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Talent Acquisition: It’s evolving Pattern
Asst. Professor Gopa Das.
Sinhgad Institute of Management, SIOM Pune

It is rightly said that “Change is the only CONSTANT thing in the world”, rightly so human beings or rather HUMAN RESOURCES are continuously evolving with respect to time. Employees of the organisation are termed as Talent’s and every organisation is having a deep urge to acquire the best of the best talents for their organisation.With the emergence of new trends and the introduction of new tools, the talent acquisition process is dynamically evolving. Talent acquisition has emerged as a key business imperative for organisations for its role in sourcing the right talent to ensure long term growth. It is now a long …show more content…

Given the varied changes in typical industry patterns, companies have subjected themselves to change in recruitment processes. The dynamics of talent acquisition are not what they used to be.
Talent acquisition has evolved over a period of time to become the key reference point for employers. It is now a strategic and competence driven business function unlike in the past when it was restricted to recruitment. It is increasingly considered as the core function of an organisation which has touch points across planning, budgeting, employer branding, staffing, On-boarding and market intelligence.

2. Review of Literature:
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