The Key Aspects Of Talent Management

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The most important part of any successful company is its people. Recruiting, hiring and developing the right people is a large part of what make a company successful. Hiring the right people and developing them is as important as oil is to an engine. It weaves throughout the engine and without it, the engine would seize. People plan the strategy, build the products, service them, and program the systems to sell them. There are a number of steps in managing talent, but they all begin with a good plan. Having a strong workforce doesn’t happen by chance, it requires investment and intentional action. This paper will review some of the key aspects of talent management discussed in the first seven weeks of this course and their importance. A good first step is to understand the organization, it’s history and its short and long term goals. For example, Maisey’s Daisies had a goal to expand to offering products and services to other businesses. It is also important to understand the mission, vision and values statements of the organization. The mission statement describes the reason that the company exists; the vision statement is a description of what the company would look like in the future; the values statement describes what is important to the company and how it will conduct itself when doing business. All of these three are important when recruiting, hiring, and developing people. The organizational structure is also important. Maisey’s Daisies was a very flat organization

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