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Target’s Supply Chain Target Corporation is the fourth largest retailer in the United States. The company operates 1,556 stores in 47 states. The company has three main retail divisions: Target Stores, Mervyn’s and Marshall Fields. Target Stores is the number two discount retailer in the country, trailing only Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. they have distinguished itself from its competitors by offering upscale, fashion-conscious products at affordable prices (Funding Universe, n.d.). Targets supply chain actives has been an important part of and one of the most significant reasons for its huge growth and success. The purpose of paper is to analyze Targets supply chain and related actives to understand its effectiveness and gain a better understanding on how their supply chain contributes to the company’s growth and success. Overview of Target’s Supply Chain As at 2015, Target 's North American distribution infrastructure consists 42 distribution centers totaling 55.5 Million square feet consisting of the following different facility types: regional general merchandised distribution centers, import / redistribution centers, perishables food distribution centers, E-Commerce fulfillment centers and returns processing facilities. Like many retailers, Target sources a significant volume of import merchandise from different countries around the world (approximately 500,000 containers of merchandise produced in countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and Thailand). The import

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