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TARGET MARKET JUGOS DEL VALLE The target market of Jugos Del Valle is the group of customers that we will specifically, careful selection will be crucial for an effective marketing mix. It has had four main guidelines based on our market research. 1. The target market must be matched to achieve the goals of Jugos del Valle and must go outside with the image of it. You will not be able to sell juice to people who are not looking for a healthy life to reach a mass market for this is the essential image of Jugos Del Valle. 2. It should seek to match the market opportunity with company resources. No exaggerated invest large sums of money on advertising campaigns to become as well known as Hit juices, instead the company…show more content…
5. 6. 7. Credibility is a very important factor for this company is not very credible as a juice shop to the natural processing, as well as factors such as competence, courtesy, communication, promptness in which Jugos del Valle is constantly working. 4. Image Jugos Del Valle is a product of Coca Cola, which makes this brand the leader by a large company known for giving everyone an identity established symbols and means to make the company more secure for the public. Jugos Del Valle used two approaches complement each other, constantly identifying new areas of differentiation to be able to generate new strategies. The two principles of differentiation would be used by the company 's product and image because there is his greatest strength, managing to offer the customer something they value and that the competition does and it will be possible if properly analyze the customer experience with the product and the chain of consumption that they can gain with it. POSITIONING IN THE JUGOS DEL VALLE The positioning in the juice market in the valley is the place of the mark in the minds of customers on the competitive products. Customers can not re-evaluate the products whenever they buy, that is why customers organize products by category, which means the product positioning. Valley game is to achieve a position of knowing the complex juices serious perceptions, impressions and feelings that are the buyers about the

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