Tartuffe's Dirty Dog

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There are four words that describe Orgon low down dirty dog. Tartuffe has him wrap up in his lies that he doesn’t care about anything else. Orgon shows a lot of selfish attitude towards his family. In the beginning Orgon has been gone to the country for two days. In Act 1 scene four Orgon returns back home. When he entries his home he asks
Dorine how is the family. Dorine tells him “Your wife, two days ago had a bad fever And a fierce headache which refused to leave her.”( W.W. Norton &Company pg.113) Orgon responds with a selfish response and says “Ah. And Tartuffe?” ( W.W. Norton
&Company pg.113) Dorine answers and says “Tartuffe? Why, he’s round and red.
Bursting with health and excellently fed.” (W.W. Norton& Company pg. 113) Dorine
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