Tattoos In Today's Society

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On November 19th, 2015, The Daily Mail posted an article on the “Whole Glory” art exhibit in Milk Gallery in Manhattan. The exhibit allows randomly chosen participants to stick their arm inside a hole in a wall and get a tattoo by Scott Campbell, whose usually charges $1,000 for the first hour of tattooing. The artist and his clients had no contact while getting inked, and the clients did not see his work until he was done (Stern, 2015). Today tattoos are seen on more than just the powerful; they are now for everyday common people. Tattoos have come a very long way to get where they are and have been through many progressions with in the techniques. But with their popularity, and predominance within the art world, they have become a trend for more than just delinquents.
Many Indian cultures started tattooing by pricking the skin and some even introduced color into scratches. Pigment coated string was threaded through punctures in the culture of East Siberia (Tattoo, 2016). A shaman or religious person would do the tattooing within older or more traditional cultures (Ross, 2013). Tattoos had changed much until, in 1891, Samuel O’Reilly introduced his electric tattoo machine. This machine made it easier to outline and shade with its multiple needles (Giles, 2015).
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Some cultures believe that tattoos and piercings can lead one’s soul onto the next life. One of these groups is in Nepal; they believe that by having tattoos, one can achieve a higher incarnation (Ross, 2013). Over the 20th Century many new styles of tattooing became popular, such as “neo-tribal”, “old school” and “biomechanical”. “Neo-tribal” includes various thick black bands, “old school” has thick outlines and resembles old sailor tattoos, and “biomechanical” contains realist robotic machinery breaking through the skin (Lewis,

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