Taxi Driver Film Analysis

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Taxi Driver: The Filth of the Streets and of Self The opening shot is Robert DeNiro’s character, Travis Bickle’s eyes in the review mirror intensely gazing at the city. It then transitions to the view outside of the taxi to the colorful, hectic streets of New York City. This exaggerates the importance of the taxi itself and the main character’s point of view from within it. Bickle is a veteran Marine who can’t sleep and decides to take the job of driving the long hours. He narrates the film as well using dialogue from the journal that he keeps. Through the imagery and symbolism of the taxi itself, the musical backdrop, and the artistic editing, Martin Scorcese’s American psychological thriller captures the filth and futility and filth of …show more content…

It gets quiet then and he attempts to kill himself but he has no more bullets to do so. He wants to die but cannot, so he sits and waits for his fate as Iris continues screaming. He is found be the media to be a hero, the parents of Iris (who was not from a compound) were grateful. It poses many philosophical questions as to whether our actions or desires define who we are. He had planned on killing the senator, yet ended up in nearly happenstance, a

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