Taylor Swift Accomplishments

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Music is a way of life, you can listen to it when you’re sad, or mad, or happy, or when you just want to get up and start dancing. Taylor Swift is an example of the diversity in music, due to her career’s accomplishments over the years. Music is something that unites all of us, there are so many different types of genres, yet we all love it which brings us together. Taylor Swift’s musical path has been all over the charts, ranging from country to pop, along with her small acting career, but nevertheless she has been successful. Taylor’s musical career started when she was at a young age, at that time she was singing country but, she has now evolved into a full-blown pop star. Her accomplishments and awards have made her the success she is today. …show more content…

Taylor first started her acting career in 2009, when she appeared in an episode of CSI. After that, she starred in many different shows, from hosting Saturday Night Live to being on Ew! with Jimmy Falon or even appearing in a cameo or two. She has also played parts in feature films such as 2010’s “Valentine’s Day”, 2012’s “The Lorax”, and 2014’s “The Giver”. In 2012, Taylor added to her collection of awards when she won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Voice. All in all Taylor Swift is a successful singer and a great actress which has made her into the “household name” she is …show more content…

She has always been a huge success winning a numerous amount of awards throughout the course of her musical journey. Last but not least she is a versatile pop star, due to the fact that she also has a relatively good acting career. Taylor Swift “she is, quite simply, a global superstar (”. Taylor was just an ordinary girl from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania who turned a love of singing and songwriting into a music empire. She uses her songs to create stories that empower women all over the world with her lyrics. “She is awkwardly honest and powerfully empathetic; a brazen superfan, loyal friend, fierce protector of hearts; and one of the world’s greatest ambassadors for the power of just being

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