Teacher Is My Favorite Teacher

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I remember when going to preschool use to be my favorite thing to do. I did over three years of preschool because while I was in daycare Miss Justice taught us. Miss Justice she is my favorite teacher I've ever had. I have many memories in daycare but the one that sticks out the most is when we had rock wars on the playground. Daycare and preschool is a time that I will never forget.
Teacher I Hate The meanest teacher I ever had was my math teacher. She wasn't a bad teacher she just didn't know how to come across right. plus she always gave me detention after school so that made me spend more time there than I wanted to. It wasn't even for good reasons, she just got mad easily. Most of the time she got mad because I would call math dumb or pointless. After having her as a teacher my patience have gotten a lot better.
Teacher I Like The teacher that has most impacted my life is Miss Smith. She was my freshman and sophomore English teacher. Those two years were the hardest part of my high school career. I didn't think that high school was important, she helped me understand that high school defines my future. She help me as much as she could being an English teacher. I counted on her to help me through my problems and also on school work.
Favorite subject I'm a very active person, so obviously my favorite class is PE. I love to work out, but I hate running. Working out makes me feel so much better. My favorite part of PE though is the games. I'm a very competitive

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