Teacher as a Facilitator

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Teacher As A Facilitator In general, there are still many one-way system of learning between teacher and students, called “Teacher centered learning” (TCL). Learning systems such as this can break the liveliness and students creativity in the classroom. Actually system teacher-centered learning (TCL) system must be balanced with student-centered learning (SCL). But it would be more effective if learning is more centered on student activeness in class, otherwise known as “Student centered learning”. Teachers only act as a facilitator, motivator and inspiration for students. Traditionally, a class is taught by a teacher mainly through lectures. The teacher presents information in an oral presentation while students listen, take notes…show more content…
Another issue is the amount of student interaction with the instructor and other students in the class. In an online classroom, student interaction is only limited by how much time and energy the student puts into the course since it is usually asynchronous. This means that students have 24/7 access to the online classroom to post discussions and respond to others. What does this mean for students? It means that many online classes use the facilitator approach, which requires more input from students than a traditional classroom. Students can’t hide in the back of the classroom because all postings from students are monitored and saved, so an instructor knows exactly how much time you have spent in the class as well as how much you 've added to the discussion. Most online classes require you to post answers to discussion questions regularly in order to receive participation points, whereas in a traditional class, the teacher only took roll. Some students may see this as a negative, but the truth is the student gets a lot out of the arrangement as well. The more you interact with the material and can apply it to your situation, the more you will be able to learn. 1. Teacher as Facilitator learning system which is the “Teacher Centered Learning” (TCL) will be limited to the role of teacher as facilitator. The task here is only to guide teachers
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