Teachers Behavioral Attitude and Its Effect on Students Academic Performance

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Section 1

1.0 Introduction

Learning is a lifetime process. Continues learning equips one as a student with a larger mastery of knowledge, a broader understanding of facts, a larger repository of wisdom, and a better insight on life that will make better individual responsible and upright human beings. On process of learning, students or learner is the center of education. Studying their different aspects of a student and their ways on attaining such goals will be of great impotance. As such, the extent of student’s learning in academics may be determined by the grades a student earns for a period of learning. It is believed that a grade is a primary indicator of such learning. If a learner earns high grades it is concluded
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The situation actually tends towards threatening the future of the schools. Apart from command schools, the reports of the many studies and surveys (for example, the 1980-1984 Statistics of Education by the Federal Ministry of Education, Lagos report published in the Times Publication (Nigeria) of September 15, 2006 and the one in the Nigerian Guardian of February 2, 2009) and the many recent editorials in many Nigerian dairy newspapers all point to the academic performances of Nigerian secondary school students which have been on the decline for some times now. This declining trend has become a concern for the researcher.
As a matter of fact many soldiers living in the Barracks would rather prefer to enroll their children in to civilian schools than to send them to command schools at a relatively cheaper rate.
The failure of command schools is thus indicating that the health and the well-being of the future of these schools may be in jeopardy. It therefore becomes a concern to the researcher as to the reason why students’ performance have been in continuous decline despite the improvements and advances learning facilities that are now available in our age. Although the researcher may not be able to cover a larger portion of the subject matter’ he however hopes that this study will expose him to a larger scope for future research.

1.2 purpose of study
During the past several years a number of valuable
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