Essay about Teachers Have Standards on Crude Language

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“The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it.”-- George Washington
Just as hills have been eroded by rain, teachers have become hardened to crude language insomuch that they have begun to accept it as part of the culture in present society, and in their classrooms. However, at the same time that teachers turn a blind eye to cursing, board educators expect students to uphold appropriate language standards at school because the students are preparing to work effectively with others in a business environment where obscene language is neither appropriate nor acceptable. A possible length that should be required of English courses in …show more content…

“You are so cool!”). Furthermore, if a student continually uses inappropriate language as a result of the words becoming one with society, then they lose the opportunity and the comprehension educational systems have open for them to learn denotation; the student also opens up the option of living with illiteracy because they don’t control the words they imply definitions for. For the sake of an example, if a high school student or post-student calls one of their fellow, mentally healthy employees a “retard” then the employee could take it offensively because he or she doesn’t want to be known as being without comprehension, and if the insulted employee so pleases, then he/she can take the student to court and charge he/she with slander because he/she is not truly the denotation of the word “retard.” The actual definition being: “A person who is…ineffective in some way.”(CITE) The scenario and consequences could be similar in a school setting as well as inappropriate language is prohibited in both places. The connotation of words can be smudged in so many different directions that to misunderstand a word that one uses whether the connotation is implied by the user or applied by the listener, it can be taken as stripping the listener of their human attributes all due to the lack of knowledge of the word which was spoken.
Students don’t understand what the teacher says. Is this possible that the lack of understanding is a direct result of

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