Teaching And Learning Strategies For Teaching English Language Learners

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Abstract A systematic review of studies that utilized an effective technology tool and/or technology-program in primary classrooms for teaching English Language Learners was conducted. The search produced 476 potential studies, of which the most recent 6 studies that met inclusion criteria were selected. The results of these 6 studies were Introduction English is one of the most important languages spoken around the world; so much so, that several countries whose native language is not English are integrating English education in their school systems. These educational trends have ignited researcher’s curiosity to study the effects of many teaching and learning strategies that aim to facilitate English language learning. Although the United States is an English-dominant country, over the years there has been a rapid increase in the English Language Learners (ELL) population. The studies conducted in non-native English countries have provided great insight on effective teaching strategies that can help educators meet the needs of the growing ELL population. “The term English language learners describes students who are in the process of acquiring English language skills and knowledge. Some educators and researchers refer to these students using the term limited English proficient (LEP), and the term English learners (ELs) is also becoming common. The term language minority students is used to refer to students whose parents speak a language other than English at home,
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