Teaching As A Middle Level Educator

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I believe the ultimate goal of teaching is to inspire and encourage students to learn and discover new concepts in an enjoyable way. I see teaching as an art and a skill that is mastered as time goes on. Through my study I have developed methods and reasoning for my teaching philosophy. As a middle level educator, the foundation of my philosophical beliefs is guided by constructivism. Constructivism entails me as a teacher to know my students learning needs and to integrate what I learn into my methods of teaching. As a constructivist, I believe that when students work collaboratively they develop a learning community that is strong. Another belief is that when teaching is built on the prior knowledge of students, there is fairness and the classroom is equitable for all. Another benefit to the young adolescents is when he or she realize they possess knowledge, they are motivated and will be engaged with the lesson. My instruction will support all cultures and learning modalities. The roles of teachers, students, and parents are essential for the success of the young adolescents. Each depends on the other. It is a teacher’s duty is to create a positive learning environment for all students. It is a teacher’s responsibility to motivate students with engaging lessons while having high expectations to encourage students to complete work to their best ability. Teachers are accountable for the academic performance of every student. It is a teacher’s job to establish
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