Personal Learning Beliefs

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My beliefs on learning is that the teacher is the key to all children’s learning. The teacher is the one who interacts with the children and gives them the tools they need to continue their schooling. The teacher is also the one that communicates with the parents about the development of their children. The teacher also has to learn how to give the child the best learning opportunity they can. No two children are exactly alike so it is the teacher’s job to make sure each child gets the most they can out of the class. A teacher can not make children enjoy learning and getting an education, but they can make it fun along the and inspire the children to want to learn more. That is really the main job of a teacher is to inspire. The purpose of early childhood education is to prepare children mentally at a young age on how to handle school. The first five years of a child’s life are the most important years for their learning development. In this time frame, the brain is still developing, so the child is going to absorb information easily. Also starting children in an educational environment at an early age, they start to develop social skills, emotional, intellectual, and character development. Early childhood educators pour the foundation of the learning process into their children. They give the children the basic knowledge that they will need to know as they continue on their schooling career. I believe that children learn best when they are in a controlled environment.
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