Teaching Diversity And Equitable Classrooms Versus Teacher Activism Essay

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It is important for educators to explore the relationships between teaching diversity and equitable classrooms versus teacher activism. In this paper, I will be reflecting upon my experiences teaching, learning and unlearning as a teacher candidate. Throughout this course, I learned that educators should engage in critical social action, and these actions can come in many different forms. The school is a place where students can share experiences and knowledge differences. Educators can start by create a classroom environment where these conversations can occur and bring then these conversations outside of the classroom. There are several key concepts that resonated with me through my journey in this course. These course concepts were culturally relevant pedagogy, queer pedagogy, multicultural and anti-oppressive education, and decolonization of schools. The concept of teacher activism was very foreign to me when it was first introduced to me in class. I had no experience in activism in the classroom, but I realized through this course how important it was to identify the injustices in our society. As well, I began to identify my own personal biases and knew I had to remove them before engaging in teacher activism. However, I still think it is important to emphasize that everyone should still be entitled to their own opinion. I believe that educators can share their own personal experiences to show that students are able to share their own experiences in a safe and

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