The Approaches And Practices Of Language Teaching Essay

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The Approaches and Practices in Language Teaching
Communicative Practices in Language Teaching
What is communicative language teaching (CLT)? Brown (2014, p. 236) offered the following four interrelated characteristics as the definitions of CLT:
1. CLT helps students develop the four competences instead of merely focusing on their linguistic competence or grammatical competence
2. CLT enables learners to use the language for meaningful purposes in authentic situations. Learning language forms are not the aim of the approach, but to enable them to engage in authentic interactions
3. Fluency and accuracy activities complement each other as is seen in the underlying communicative techniques.
4. Students are expected to use the language naturally and in unrehearsed contexts
It’s important to engage students in doing some communicative practices. Richard (2006) explained that communicative practices are those activities that focus on exchanging real information and using language in an authentic context, thus the communication is based on the specific situation and not predictable. Communicative language teaching has been proven to be effective in improving students’ communicative abilities and other language skills. Richards and Rodgers (2001) also wrote that an important goal of communicative language teaching is to help students improve their communicative competence and other language skills. This indicates that the communicative activities can help language learners

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