Teaching Is Not A Babysitting Job

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Going into the teaching profession has been my passion for quite some time now. Although teaching can have many different stereotypes and misconceptions, I still choose to continue towards this career. Every job has it’s own stereotypes and misconceptions. I currently work at a school, which has offered me a lot of on the job training for my future career. My current job has allowed me to see the different stereotypes and misconceptions that come along with the teaching career field. I am fortunate to already be working in my career field so I can prepare for the future stereotypes and misconceptions when I am a teacher of my own classroom. One stereotype and misconception that stands out to me the most is many people think teaching is …show more content…

We give them redirection when needed; we allow them to start working on the problem on their own before intervening in the situation. Sometimes if children need help, we will supply them with a script. For example, Billy and Jonny are fighting over a toy; they are tugging the toy back and fourth. I may say to them, “Billy and Jonny, you both seem to want this toy.” I would talk to each of them and get their side of the story. After I heard both sides I would ask the children, “You both want this toy, can you come up with a solution?” The best way for a child to learn to self regulate is for them to come up with a solution on their own. Billy may say we can share the toy and Jonny may say we can take turns. Either of these solutions can be acceptable as long as the two children can agree on it. As a teacher, it is really rewarding when you can see your students have a problem and watch them solve the problem on their own. Looking in a classroom from an outsider’s perspective, people may not see the importance in self-regulating, but as teachers it is a huge accomplishment. I would have never known about all of these stereotypes and misconceptions if I did not work in this field and did not attend Child Development classes. Working in this field has showed me that teaching is way more than just babysitting. Stereotypes and misconceptions in this field are everywhere, only the people that work in that

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