Team Tack Shoppe Analysis

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I would like to become a part of Team Tack Shoppe because I want to be able to represent a successful small business. Being a Team Tack Shop ambassador would be an excellent way for me to be able to connect with more positive, motivated equestrians. I started riding at the age of eight, when my dad took me to the barn in our neighborhood. I had initially just went to pet the horses, but I ended getting to ride; and that is where it all started. Soon after I started taking lessons at a local barn. Four years later I purchased my first pony, Trigger, from my trainer. I worked so hard for the money to buy Trigger, and I was so proud of him. Sadly I was only able to keep Trigger for about a year before I had to sell him back to my trainer. I still continued with lessons and rode when I could, but I didn’t get to purchase my next horse until I was twenty. I purchased Talia in January 2015 and trained her myself. I plan on making her into my competitive jumper and showing her as much as I possibly can.…show more content…
I believe that true equestrians are a special kind of people, they look out for each other and really want the best for each other. As I look back on the many people that have helped and guided me over the years, I too want to do that for the equestrians in my life now. I strive to be a positive, motivated rider who is always there to help. I think having the privilege of caring for my own horses has taught me a lot about responsibility. Riding has changed my life in the way that it has (in a good way!) become my whole life. Of course I make time for family, but they all know that I am passionate about not only riding, but horses in general. I really appreciate all that horses have taught me overall; patience, communication, hard work, responsibility, and many
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