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Team Learning
Team alignment is critical to ensure team effectiveness. An unaligned team could work extraordinarily hard and produce very little. Lack of team alignment results in wasted energy. Aligned teams produce extraordinary results through harmonizing energies and much less effort. Teams achieve alignment through a common purpose, shared vision, and knowing how to best support one another. This way, personal visions becomes team visions, which also allows for greater empowerment of team members.
Team learning is the process of team development and team alignment that increases team capacity, and it enables the team to operate as an effective unit. Team learning starts with team vision and continues to build upon it. The team as a unit is critical to allow for team decision-making, a staple of the modern business environment. Team learning comprises of three dimensions. First, teams need to possess insightful thinking about complex issues. Next, teams need to respond with an innovative and coordinated effort to address the issues. Finally, to execute the effort, coordination is needed across teams, which means team learning need to propagate throughout the organization. The way teams achieve this is through dialogue and discussion, the foundations of team learning (Senge, 2006).
Systems Thinking
Systems thinking is the process of seeing ‘the big picture’ instead of focusing on superficial symptoms. It represents a discipline by which we learn to recognize

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