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Technological Environment Gregory Hamlin BUSN 310. Business Theory Professor Rachel Nagel American Military University March 31st, 2012 TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT The company I am continuing to work with is US Airways Group. There is plenty of hard and soft technology to list for the domestic environment. Some of the hard technology used in the domestic environment is aircraft, security system, and safety gear. Some soft technology used in the domestic environment is management, government regulations that govern the procedures of the company, and training for employees. The hard technology I listed above is the obvious technology the air line company utilizes yet there is more hard technology being used. The soft…show more content…
I honest believe this is the only remedy for providing up to date technology, the company has to make it a priority to provide the same technology to the global environment. The customs can be corrected by provided a print out of what is allowed and what is not allowed to be brought into or out of a country a passenger is traveling through. The information is available online but some older passengers aren’t as savvy with technology so they may not receive the same information. With this tactic there is not any excuse for not knowing what is expected when going through customs. The strategies I stated above will be successful, only if they are applied. Without application the strategy will be a failure. Within the domestic environment the security system can be significantly improved and decrease the risk for terrorist attacks greatly. This technology needs to be protected by requiring a security clearance for all employees who work for the company. This way you have a thorough back ground check on everyone who works for US Airways Group and the risk for inside information getting out to enemies of the United States is low. Within the global environment technology needs to be advanced. The company can protect this technology by only providing the technology to its global counterparts and not the

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